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Support for Healthy Hormone Metabolism from your Compounding Pharmacy

Accurate Testing for Hormone Metabolites

The ability to metabolize hormones properly varies with each individual. Healthy hormone metabolism may be affected by nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) altering the activity of the body’s enzymes. Your enzyme activity along with the genetic individuality and the ability or inability to metabolize hormones will vary. These reasons alone are why MD Custom Rx recommends hormone metabolism testing. Understanding and acknowledging your hormone levels is the first step in supporting healthy hormone metabolism.

Hormone Metabolite Testing in the Privacy of your Own Home

MD Custom Rx now provides dried urine testing for a variety of hormone metabolites. We utilize a 24-hour urine test kit which consists of 4 urine strips and collected throughout the day (2 morning samples, 1 early evening and 1 before bed). The test allows you to accumulate samples from home eliminating the dreadful hassle of having to transport your urine. Once all 4 strips are completed, the kit can be sent to the lab. You’re your sample is received by the laboratory results can be expected within 5 business days.

The dried urine tests which MD Custom Rx utilizes, are the most effective method for testing hormone metabolites. When accurately performed, dried urine testing is the best option in examining risk developments for hormone metabolites including:

  • Estrogen Metabolism: A healthy estrogen metabolism can decrease the risk for estrogen-sensitive cancers including breast cancer.
  • Progesterone Metabolism: Healthy progesterone metabolism supports healthy estrogen levels and balances a variety of other hormones.
  • Androgen Metabolism (testosterone): Healthy androgen metabolism is crucial for strengthening structural tissues like muscles, bone and skin while increasing neurotransmitter levels. Androgen deficiency can be a risk factor for Cardiovascular Disease, Type 2 Diabetes and other various diseases.
  • Cortisol Metabolism: Healthy cortisol metabolites regulate glucose, protein, fatty acids, immune cells, inflammation, blood vessels, blood pressure and maintenance of connective tissues.

Dried Urine Testing vs. Standard Urine Tests for Hormone Metabolite Testing

  • Dried urine strips do not require handling, measurement or freezing of liquid urine (1)
  • Steroids and metabolites are exceptionally stable in dried urine for weeks at room temperature (1)
  • Dried urine strips provide an increase in flexibility in the entire process from collecting to storage (1)
  • Dried urine tests consider the hydration status of the patient, thereby providing test results which are accurate even when urine is very concentrated or diluted (1)

Support Healthy Hormone Metabolism Today

MD Custom Rx has a variety of custom formulated supplements to help support hormone metabolism. These supplements offer and promote an increase in overall health while supporting healthy hormone levels. Healthy hormone levels may decrease your risk for hormone related diseases.

  1. Ortho Molecular's CDG EstroDIM - Combination of Calcium D- Glucarate, Indole-3-Carbinol and Diindolylmethane which collaborate to shift estrogen metabolism towards the direction of 2-hydroxylation-safer estrogen metabolism.
  2. Ortho Molecular's Methyl CpG – Contains a combination of methyl donors and co-factors, which support methylation of estrogen metabolites. Methylation is a key protective pathway for inactivating 4-hydroxyestrogens, preventing them from damaging DNA.
  3. DaVinci Laboratories' Saw Palmetto - Saw Palmetto may help to reduce the production of 5alpha-DHT to help support healthy androgen metabolism.
CALL 262-373-1050 today! Our hormone metabolite specialists will tell you more about hormone testing options and information regarding our hormone support supplements.


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What Can You Expect at MDCustomRx?

At MDCustomRx, you are treated as an individual and not a diagnosis. Our compounding pharmacy offers the broadest range of custom prescription options in Wisconsin, from non-standard dosages and combinations of drugs, to custom drug delivery methods like topical creams and lollipops. We provide alternative treatments which are frequently effective in relieving symptoms of multiple sclerosis, autism, cancer, thyroid problems, and other conditions.

Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment for Wisconsin Women

Wisconsin woman balanced hormonesWith the current nationwide shortage of the major thyroid hormone supplements compounding pharmacies are the only source of Dessicated Natural Thyroid (Thyroid USP-porcine) in the proper ratio of T4:T3 (4.22:1). MDCustomRx is serving Wisconsin residents compounding solutions with custom blends of T4 and T3 hormones to meet individual patient needs. To learn more about Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy and if Desiccated Natural Thyroid can help you or to learn about the prescription compounding options available.

Call MD Custom Rx in Brookfield at 262.373.1050 for Desiccated Natural Thyroid today!

Pediatric Compounding for the Health of Wisconsin's Growing Children

Medications are often not approved for use in infants and children and many do not have options that make administering them easy or effective. This is where custom compounding from MD Custom Rx can step in to provide suitable pediatric dosage and forms to effectively help your child back to health. From lollipops to good tasting liquid formulations for many medications, the Brookfield Wisconsin compounding pharmacy can deliver pediatric medications for your child.

Call MD Custom Rx in Brookfield at 262.373.1050 today to find out about pediatric compounding solutions!

Palliative Care for End of Life Support that Minimizes Pain and Symptoms

Wisconsin senior citizen enjoying lifeCustom compounded medications offer therapeutic alternatives and advantages for patients of every age. Compounding pharmacists offer flavoring of medications to ease discomfort, give drug administration options like transdermal, sublingual, buccal, rectal, individualized formulations to eliminate problem ingredients and medication management to improve the patients daily life. Involve the compounding pharmacists of MD Custom Rx when faced with relieving pain, for symptom control and wound care throughout all phases of life.

Call MD Custom Rx in Brookfield at 262.373.1050 today!

From bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to low dose naltrexone (LDN), MDCustomRx is Wisconsin’s best source for compounded prescriptions. No other Wisconsin compounding pharmacy offers our level of personalized attention, following up with each customer, and working closely with patients and practitioners/prescribers to find the best treatment method for each individual. Through our hormone balancing consultation program, our compounding pharmacists will evaluate your hormone levels, and work with your doctor to arrive at a bioidentical hormone replacement program to ease the effects of menopause, andropause, thyroid conditions, adrenal fatigue and more.

Our compounding pharmacists strive to obtain the highest standard of continuing education in order to be the most up to date in their knowledge of drug manipulation and compounding techniques. Our staff of caring pharmacists and technicians are devoted to the patient-physician-pharmacist triad, which consists of the philosophy that by working together we can best meet the individual needs of the patient.

MDCustomRx offers Wisconsin's only state-of-the-art compounding laboratory. Our Brookfield WI (in Waukesha county) has been expanded to serve all physicians and patients in Milwaukee, Waukesha and beyond with state-of-the art equipment and expanded patient services. We serve patients and doctors from all over the state of Wisconsin, from Racine and Kenosha to Green Bay and Appleton, and West past Madison, our compounding pharmacy is where Wisconsin doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pediatricians and dermatologists obtain customized prescriptions for their patients.

Call MD Custom Rx today at 262-373-1050 - Find out how we can meet YOUR treatment needs in Wisconsin!

Wisconsin Prescription Compounding Featured Articles

4/23/2014 SophytoPRO Skin Care Products Are Here!

In light of the challenges with many of the skin care products that we use daily, MD Custom Rx has partnered with Ortho Molecular Products, and their new SophytoPRO skin care line. SophytoPRO is a unique, 90%+ organic skin care line designed to achieve professional results from only pure, natural ingredients.

3/6/2014 Milwaukee Compounding Pharmacy Offers Supplements to Support Thyroid Function

MD Custom Rx suggests Ortho Molecular’s Reacted Multi-min for maximum absorption of vitamins and minerals or Alpha Base in conjunction with Thyrotain. These multi-minerals contain the co-factors necessary to support thyroid function.

1/6/2014 Milwaukee Compounding Pharmacy Offers Support for Eczema and Psoriasis

The changing seasons in Wisconsin bring cold, dry air. These fluctuating conditions can cause unexpected changes in your skin conditions. While it's impossible to avoid the genetic causes of a skin condition, you can help reduce and protect against environmental irritants which may cause outbreaks.

8/9/2013 Custom Compound Creams for Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo is an irregular depigmentation of skin and can occur at any stage during a life. Vitiligo is caused by having low levels of catalase, glutathione peroxidase and reductase in the epidermis combined with high levels of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide destructs the body’s pigment cells (Melanocytes) and a human body is unable to remove hydrogen peroxide. Those who have Vitiligo usually have problems maintaining a calcium balance in their skin.

7/1/2013 Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones govern growth, development, and the mental and physical functioning of our bodies.  Maintaining proper hormone levels in the body may help fight some medical issues and may help prevent hormone-related medical issues. Bio identical hormones are hormones which have the same chemical makeup......

4/1/2013 Custom Treatments and Supplements for Thyroid Health

Low Thyroid level is a common, yet often undiagnosed or inadequately treated issue. Some common symptoms of low thyroid include low energy levels, fatigue, depression, weight gain and infertility. Many commercial medications for thyroid replacement therapy are not adequate for every case of low thyroid, and custom treatment can be the solution you need.
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